September 21, 2004

Nice weather map

Nice National weather map today:

I guess I like it for its simplicity and for the beautiful line of rain that tracks the trough alont the edge of the big High that is dominating the weather in New York and over most of hte country east of the Mississippi (and a bit to the west as well). Simple cold front disolving into a stationary front as the trough between Highs kind of falls apart.

Just off the map the remains of the storm called Jeanne can be seen. That storm ran into the big high and curved around to the east and off into limbo; however it looks like it is back to hurricane strenght and projected to head back to the NW over the next few days - kind of pointed at North Carolina, but who can tell at this point.

Earlier I had threatened to write alot about the wiring of universities - have no fear those thoughts are still out there...