September 19, 2004

Fall is here

It is a beautiful clear and crisp day in New York City today. The overnight low dipped well into the 50's for the first time in months and there is a pretty impressive high pressure system set up to the NNw generating steady NE winds.

The point with respect to this effort is that as tumultuous as our relationship with the planet may be, the seasons continue to turn. Humans are a forceful part of the Earth System, but we haven't yet started messing with the macro elements of our orbit around the Sun. The natural part of the Earth System is still out there and will always remain so. Sometimes you just have to wonder at it.

So then how does the current situation between the Yankees and the Red Sox figure into the the Natural functioning of things. An empirical argument would suggest that Friday's outcome was but a blip, kind of like the passing of a storm, while yesturday reflected a return of the macro systems of Fall. Another interpretation which looked at the pattern of the season as a whole might suggest that, just as the state of the Atlanic ocean has changed in such a way that it will produce more and more powerful storms, Friday's result is the precursor of things to come.

Looks like a great day for baseball at The Stadium!