November 12, 2010

Writing for Qaulia

There is a new blog on American Association for the Advancement of Science web site called Qualia. It is part of the MemberCentral section of the AAAS web site and I fear that it is not accessible unless you are a AAAS member (do you get Science, if yes, then you are a AAAS member).  So that means that pearls of my wisdom recorded there will not be accessible to most of the people of who have internet access.

The other thing about those posts is that they are stripping all of my hyperlinks out.  I ask you, what is the point of a blog post that cannot link anywhere?  The jokes all go away and in one case the main point of the post was compromised.

So I am going to repost things from Qualia here.  That is probably some violation of trust or some agreement to which I am party, but also unaware.  Time will tell.

On with the show.